The Tarantino Experience LIVE im Irish Pub Weiz Jupp Weiz

Raus aus dem Kino und rein in das Live-Erlebnis. Lassen sie sich in Quentin Tarantinos Welt entführen und spüren sie den Nervenkitzel am eigenen Leib. Blitzende Schwerter oder schmauchende Pistolenläufe sind hier nicht die einzigen Überraschungen, auf die das Publikum gefasst sein sollte, während zu Never Can Tell oder Woo Hoo getanzt wird. Ob es empfehlenswert ist diese Show zu erleben? Oberst Hans Landa würde wohl sagen: „Ohhh, das ist ein Bingo!!“

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The Tarantino Experience im Irish Pub Weiz – Jupp Weiz #markusflicker

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The Tarantino Experience

Leave the theater and get immersed in the live spectacle! If you want to be a physical part of Quentin Tarantino’s plots instead of just virtually watching them, this concert will do the trick. You will immediately know where you are at when five dusky figures take over the stage and send the first riffs at the audience.

The protagonists just left their getaway car to stage Tarantino’s art in a unique musical and scenic performance. It’s nothing for the faint-hearted when bloodstained Mr. Blonde is being dragged all the way through the audience, Mr. Brown draws his sword or Mr. Pink gets in rage and freaks out. And if you’re eventually able to survive Mr. White’s surge of bass, Mr. Orange might acknowledge your resistance and reward you with a shot of whiskey.

However, the listeners’ greatest payoff is definitely the selection of songs. Alongside typical surf rock songs by Dick Dale or The Coasters, you will hear some classic rock tunes of David Bowie or T-Rex. Feel both drama (Django) and lunacy (Woo, Hoo) while you’re dancing to Jungle Boogie, Never Can Tell or even to the new disco medley from „Jackie Brown“.

Tarantino’s stylistic brilliant musical selection and the scenic performance add up to a must-see show extravaganza. Or as Col. Hans Landa would say: “Ohhh, that’s a bingo!”